Vintage Taylor "Stormoguide" Barometer circa 1926 ?

Vintage Taylor "Stormoguide" Barometer
circa 1926?
For use on the mantel (felt base) or
Wall Mount (wall hook on back).
The dial on the back instructs you to:
"Rotate this plate until arrow on the case points to the altitude of your locality.
Pat. No. 1612344
Patents 1568040 to 1612699 w issued in 1926
Marked: Taylor Instrument Companies,
Rochester, NY.
For 144 years, the TAYLOR name has meant quality instrumentation. Taylor-developed technologies which led the way to many of today's current measurement and control techniques.

Established in 1851 in Rochester , New York , Taylor Instrument had a long history of technical innovation. From its beginnings as a thermometer and barometer company, Taylor went on to establish one of the first American industry research and development departments in 1911.