Up for auction is a vintage Pengun style personal security tear gas devise. The length is 4.5 inches. T are no markings to indicate a manufacturer. The only marking reads "DANGER USE TEAR GAS ONLY". The body appears to be made of steel. It is very well built and sturdy. The end screws off from the body w the cartridge is placed. I believe it takes a .38 cal tear gas cartridge. I loaded it with a .38 cal cartridge and it fit well. The trigger is a spring loaded steel firing mechanism. The firing mechanism slides free, without restriction. The devise could be safely carried in a pocket, as it has a safety position to prevent accidental discharge. To operate, the devise would be pointed in the direction of the threat, then the spring loaded firing pin lever would be thumbed off the safety position, pulled back and let go to discharge the live tear gas cartridge mounted at the lower end of devise.

Penguns are becoming more scarce daily. An excellent condition specimen such as this could almost be considered a rarity.

Item is being sold as a collectable and not intended for use. If you have questions please Email me.