Vintage Telefunken 6SN7 GTA dual triode high-end audio driver tube-works great!!

Here is a vintage early 50's 6SN7 GTA tube from Telefunken of West Germany. It has the diamond "Telefunken" logo on one side and is inscribed with "6SN7 GTA, ie, Made in West Germany" on the other. It has gray plates and a top halo getter.

I tested it on my calibrated Hickok 539B tester and got the following results:

Triode One = 2350 micromhos out of a minimum acceptable reading of 1640.

Triode Two = 2300 microhmos out of a minimum acceptable readiing of 1640.

This is a nicely balanced driver tube for use with sound output tubes. Telefunken made a high quality tube in the day and they are sought after for the sound they can produce in high-end audio amps.

I have no reserve on this tube and they buyer will pay actual shipping costs by USPS. I do not charge for safe packing and handling. Thanks for looking and bidding!!