Vintage THOMAS JEFFERSON Greatest Americans Silver Ingot Franklin Mint ~33.5g

Beautiful sterling silver proof ingot from the Franklin Mint collection entitled THE 100 GREATEST AMERICANS. This is the THOMAS JEFFERSON ingot weighing approximately 33.5 grams of sterling silver.
Issued by the Honor America Committee as a Bicentennial tribute to the lives and achievements of the most outstanding Americans in our 200 year history. On the eve of Independence Day 1976, in Washington, D.C., the Honor America Committee paid tribute to the 100 greatest Americans in the history of the United States. This collection of 100 ingots permanently commemorates these outstanding Americans. Each ingot combines a portrait of the honored American with a scene depicting his or her most notable accomplishment.
This is not just scrap, it is a beautiful frosty sterling silver limited edition proof ingot from a rare vintage collection issued by the Mint. It is stamped ‘500 GRAINS STERLING SILVER’ on the edge and measures 2-1/8 inches wide by 1-1/16 inches tall. Condition Description Brilliant proof condition without toning or blemishes, may have minor surface scratches (see photos for exact condition).
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