Vintage Thomas Mills & Brothers Hard Candy Molds

Thomas Mills & Brothers Hard Candy Molds. Also known as "Clear Toy" and/or "Barley Candy" Molds. The set includes 5 (Five) Original Thomas Mills & Brothers Molds. Dates from 1864-1963. The set includes 1 (one) Crow/Raven Mold, 1 (one) Pocket watch Mold, 1 (One) Flintlock Pistol Mold, 1 (One) Child with lantern Mold, And 1 (One) King's Crown Mold. T are two molds that i am not 100% sure of what they are. Those two are the "Child with lantern and King's Crown". They look like what i described but they could be something similar. Also t is one mold that is missing the T. Mills & Bro stamp, Either from wear and tear or it could be a different company. I am looking into it and will post the info asap. The best description is looking at the pictures yourself. If you need close up's of a mold, Please do not hesitate to message me. As with every vintage item i sell these molds will need to be cleaned/shined. I never clean any vintage item i sell due to obvious reasons.
German immigrants are credited with bringing clear toy candy to America. They originally settled in Pennsylvania. Clear toy recipes are traced back as early as 1772. This hard candy was originally called 'barley candy' because early candy makers used the cheaper and more readily available barley sugar instead of imported cane sugar. However in 1818, cane
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