Vintage Fine Tiger Wood beautiful Campaign Secretary Desk Chest Furniture

I added some new pictures to show the hardware, the dovetail drawer craftmanship, and the top of the secretary that folds up. See pictures.

I have changed the description to "Vintage" rather than "Antique" because I cannot tell the age of this.

Atractive Vintage Tiger Wood beautiful Campaign Secretary Desk Chest. Historical signifigance?

This is made very solid solid for travel. The Campaign furniture was originally designed and perfected by the Brittish.

This comes in 2 stackable pieces.

I imagine that this was used by a traveling politician, millitary officer or dignitary.

He would simply pack his clothes and important papers in the chest.

He would then open his secretary to do his writing or studying while on the road for the instant office.

You would be resonsible for actual shipping costs.

I could ship in two peices but each peice is about 60+ pounds X 2 - my estimate.

46 inches tall by 36 inches wide by 20 inches deep.

The wood is either burl or tiger wood or other.

I cannot tell the difference but if you know the different types of wood - you will be able to identify it by the pictures.

The Wood may be burled or tiger wood.

Someone just wrote me and said that he has seen peices like this in museums.

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