Vintage Tiny Hill Big Band Swing Era Bandleader Signed Photo Autograph 8 x 10

This is an original vintage 1930s or 1940s era 8" x 10" glossy promotional photo hand signed by bandleader Tiny Hill. This photo has a caption in the lower margin which reads in part:

"TINY HILL" America's Biggest Band Leader - Just a Likeable Guy with 350 lbs. of "Good Humor" - Management Cental Booking Office, New York, Hollywood, Chicago

There is no dated on this photo but it is a vintage original from Tiny's heyday probably produced around 1940 or so. Tiny Little's autograph is robust and in good shape. The photo shows some wear but is in good shape overall. The lower left hand margin has a a partly visible studio mark from Maurice Seymour of Chicago. Overall condition is good. Email any questions. Thanks for looking.

The following is some information on Big Band Leader Tiny Hill from Wikipedia:

Harry Lawrence “Tiny” Hill (July 19, 1906 – December 13, 1971)[1] was a band leader of the Big Band era. During the height of his career Hill was billed as “America’s Biggest Bandleader”[2] because of his weight of over 365 lb (166 kg). His signature song was “Angry” which he first recorded in 1939 on Columbia records Vocalion label. He used sandpaper blocks and a güiro to generate a double shuffle "beat that makes the listener itch to dance".[3]

Early life

Hill was born in Sullivan
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