This is a beauty. Silver gray hair, very shiny and very long, High color face. Correct Japan body. No bow or rubberband. I put in a white tie to hold her ponytail which accents her hair color better than orange anyway, pink would be good too. Juicy lips but have a rub on bottom (see pic) and a small one on uppe lip same side and spot. She had tiny ink spots on her lips so I tried to get it out but of course took paint off but to me was better than having spots. So if you can do touch ups that's great. One leg splays out a bit and she has a tiny slit in back at the knee, almost missed it. I cleaned her legs up so any thing you see in pic is now washed off, I wanted to make sure t was a mark I could get off and I did get it off. This doll is beautiful. In the last picture I showed her hair against my other summersand barbie I have listed to show you the color difference. See all my other listings, will be doing more tomorrow too.