vintage tomahawk axe ax head


is what in my opinion is an old cast tomahawk head that looks like an English pipe axe but has a solid hammer poll. It looks like the poll has been used for that purpose at some point. T is proof that for many the hammer poll was more useful then a pipe bowl as many of the pipes had the bowl filled with lead etc. to use as a hammer while many of the ones that had bowls ended up mushroomed from using even them as a hammer. T is also the possibility that this was cast by the Indians themselves in wooden molds as this method has been documented from about 1750 onward. Funny thing is people don't realize how many pipe axes were cast not forged. We don't bat an eye about cast brass axes but for Native Americans and all frontier metal workers/blacksmiths perhaps iron was more available The surface textures, pitting, patina and wear patterns look correct to me for a well used 175 year old piece that was really used as someones tomahawk years ago and was not something that was a wall hanger until now..


7 3/8 X2 1/2

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