Vintage Tower Huge RTR Series II Speakers Stereo Walnut

Up for auction is this cool vintage pair of RTR tower speakers. I am guessing them to be 1970's vintage. They are huge measuring 45 1/4" tall X 13" deep X 18" wide. They are quite heavy. They were a recent estate find and come to you as found. The beautiful Marantz tuner and cassette player that I am also listing was hooked up to these and they sounded nice. They put out of lot of sound. I am no expert on speakers so I will tell you what I have noticed on them. The walnut veneer cabinets have a couple of places where the veneer has chipped off. There are a couple of other spots where the veneer should be glued down better. They do look really nice though with a rich dark walnut finish. The two large 10" woofers on each speaker will need refoamed. The bottom woofer on each measures 12" and looks good. The cones appear to all be in good condition. Each speakers lookes to have 4 tweeters on them. There are two on the faces and two on the tops. One of the speakers is marked model II-B and the other II-F. I'm not sure if there are any differences as they look to be identical. I am offering these as pickup items. If you would like them shipped I will be glad to work with your shipper. I am willing to secure them to a skid so they can be shipped freight. I can store them for you for awhile if you need some time to pick them up. I do have ... read more