Vintage Toy Coca Cola Coke Pop Bottle Machine Bank -30 Ys old -3 Bottles WORKS

Free usa Postage $$--RARE-VERY OLD--OVER 30 Years Old in fact!-----MINT Works-never used

Plastic Coca Cola Coke Machine Coin Bank - Looks good used no bottles--It collects money when you insert the coin MINT CONDITION--It was never ever used!!

Approx. 7 Inches Tall-(BIG)--1 3/4" Wide---Says Drink Coca Cola Ice Cold

It has THREE--(3) 1 1/2 " mini Bottles to insert that come out of the machine when you deposit the coin

Has Embossed Coca Cola Bottles on bottem right and left Sides

--No reserve

It Holds Nickles!----Free usa postage Free usa Shipping $$$$