Vintage toy ViewMaster with 70 slides from 1948 to 1977

Up for auction is an
This collection is unlike anything
you have ever
seen on Ebay!!!!
This would be great for any
vintage toy collector,
teacher, librarian, or museum!
In very good condition
considering the ages
of some of these slides.
Included in this auction are:
* 2 vintage red View-Masters probably from the late 1970s or early 1980s
*42 slides with known dates(these come in original sleeves and with information booklets) from 1948 to 1977
*3 loose slides w/o sleeves or books dated 1977,1989,1998
*25 slides with unknown dates but all should be within the same time frame as the known dates.
*GRAND TOTAL: 2 vintage ViewMasters and 70 vintage slides!!!!!
All slide sets include 21 Stereo pictures.
All these sleeves are laminated and in good/fair condition.
Some sleeves have been taped or
torn at the bottom.
All slides are in excellent, working condition.
For your convience,
listed below are all
the slides included in this auction
with the dates to the known ones.
I try to be as descriptive
as possible but if you feel t is something
I have left out please email me with
further questions before bidding.
Anything highlighted in RED
is considered a collectors
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