Vintage Trace Elliot 4x10" Bass Guitar Amp Speaker Loudspeaker Cabinet

I'm not exactly sure of the model of this cab but it is a 1980's beast and still sounds great!
The speakers are all still tight and work well with a B string and have plenty of high end without a horn, not at all flabby so I'm guessing it's never been pushed excessively.
No rattles or anything like that!
All the drivers are original.
The tolex has taken a beating on the underside and there are a few other nicks, the handles have been re-painted as has the grille but it looks really cool so it's all good!!! :)
Any trial before the end of the auction will be welcome, just ask!
Cash on collection only, or you could arrange your own carrier, (which will be very expensive as it weighs about 50kg I think!), however, I won't be able to wrap this up so it'll go as it is!!!