Vintage Trappers Basket Wicker Backpack + Straps NO RES

Vintage Trappers Basket Wicker Backpack + Straps NO RES

Authentic Vintage Wooden Trappers Basket

Antique Pack Basket With Straps And Unique New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico Patch

is a one-of-a-kind unique trappers basket. This hand-woven antique wooden wicker pack basket would make for an excellent addition to your collection, and will make for a beautiful decorative piece in your home. The basket is approximatley 18'' and the open top had a diameter of around 14''. The top has a 2'' wooden handle that was used for carrying the basket with only one hand, and to hang the basket up. The handle is as strong as ever, and isn't cracked or splintered. The reinforced top of the basket bulges outward slightly as you move down to the rectangular shaped bottom. The bottom of the basket is made with thicker pieces of durable wood. The basket has dark beige shoulder straps attached around it. The straps are made from a thick and durable fabric and are adjustable via metal pin clasps. T is also a very unique "patch" glued on to the front face of the basket. The patch has a large number 2 behind an image of the Statue of Liberty. It also has "New York", "New Jersey", and "Puerto Rico" stitched on below the image. Our only guess is that is has somthing to do with the fact that this is known as "Region
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