VINTAGE Trendmasters Starcastle 1996 Ferris Wheel Polly Pocket Like Playset!!!

VINTAGE 1996 Trendmasters Starcastle Ferris Wheel Castle! Hard to Find, UNIQUE Play Set for Polly Pocket Size Dolls!!!
Condition: The set still looks very sparkly and bright. Most of the original pieces are included, the only ones that aren't included are the dolls. Most of the set is in excellent condition except a few spots. The blue door/window piece in the ___ photo is loose, but it's easy to get it to stay in the right spot. Same with the blue railing connected to the pink piece. It's loose but it stays in place easily.
Description: The main pieces of the castle will fold up and fit together, as shown in photos. When you open it up (with the key that goes to the lock on the side) it all fits together to make the set you see in the original photo and it is easy to put together. There are 3 rides in the set and they all spin and move. Most of the doors open, the hot air balloon elevator moves up and down, the draw bridge at the front door goes up and down, and the front entrance columns move up and down as well. The set comes with everything included.