Vintage Trifari Blue Grapes Clip on Earrings CAT RESCUE

This is a beautiful vintage pair of Trifari signed clip on earrings. The blue beads are all a light weight plastic so these are very comfortable to wear. The earrings with the cluster of beads measures just over 2 inches long. Please keep reading to find out how your bid will help homeless pets.....

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Whiskers Rescue Inc.

All the proceeds will go to Whiskers Rescue Inc. to help care for and neuter stray cats. We have neutered over 2000 stray cats to date but we desperately need your help to stop the pet over population problem. Below is our baby Liza. She is actually the baby of our rescue mom April. April had a home once but not a very good one. They never gave her any medical care and then when moving they left her behind. She quickly became preganant. We found her hiding in a crawl space barely brave enough to come out for food. It is VERY hard on any dumped tame cat but worse when your eye is damaged from an untreated an infection. April and her kittens are all safe now. They are all praying to find a GOOD home that will love them forever.

We would like to thank everyone here on ebay for all of your generous support.