Vintage Troll Dolls Collectibles - set of 3 1960s

Vintage Collectible Troll Dolls from 1960's 1. Grayish-hair; amber eyes. Shows "(c) 64" on back. Discoloration under neck and on chest; some plastic imperfections and dirt marks/scratches; left eye "tear duct" is slightly darker.2. White-hair; green eyes. Blue sandals are glued on - bottom says, "BUNALLAN HONG KONG". Hair is in beautiful condition. Slight marks on body, Appears to be glue inside rear of left foot. 3. Wild White-hair; violet eyes. Photos show with and without yellow felt pants. Feet are discolored - greenish tint; rest of body in good shape. Hair is smooth and in good condition.
All three have nice pink hue on cheeks, no paint is missing.
No other markings on backs of white-haired trolls.
Original owner. Stored smoke-free. No musty smell.
Thanks for looking!