Vintage RCA Victor tube type radio Bakelite. Model 3-X-541, range kilocycles

110 AC/DC 50-60 cycles 30 watts

Radio is in good condition, no scratches, chips or melts

Sticker says "This is to certify that this instrument has the acoustical balance which produces the tone of the GOLDEN THROAT. D.O. Cole chief engineer

The radio turns on and warms up volume turns up and down. It does bring in a station and plays, just has a lot of humming, I would assume it needs cleaning and probably an output tube.

Cool looking with big dial in the middle front and brass indicator running over the top and down to the dial.

Included is pamplet;

How to make extra money fixing radios. from the National Radio Institute Washington D.C.

Number 5 publication How to restring dial cords and set push buttons