Vintage Tuskeloid dresser/vanity set (french almond)

Featured is a vintage french ivory (almond) Tuskeloid vanity dresser set this set is complimented with a pink and gold trim,t are 14 pieces in all,I took the liberty of washing these pieces up and it does fragrance when applied to the heated water with that old bakelite odor,these were purchaseed presented as bakelite but identifies on the base as tuskeloid,included in this set are two candle sticks of which need a light bonding as they have seperated from the base,also included is a hair receiver,powder dish two small hand cream containers,shoe horn,lace puller,nail cleanser,soft hair brush,shoe brush and tannery brush along with a comb and mirror,quite remarkable condition considering it's age,add this set to your vanity collectibles,check out some of my other many listed items,combine purchases and save on shipping and handling costs