nice car. glass or trim may be missing or have been re-attached at some time. bench tested, good running chassis. NOT CLAIMING THESE CARS ARE PERFECT!!! USE THE MAGNIFIER TO SEE IF THIS ITEM MEETS YOUR CRITERIA!! if you win, or plan on winning more than one auction, please request invoice! may have dry tires. tyco chassis!! chassis is worth the opening bid! PLEASE LOOK AT THE PHOTOS! THEY OFFER A BETTER DESCRIPTION OF CONDITION THAN I CAN!!! BENCH TESTED! good running condition, most likely needs new tires. could stand a little cleaning. this is an used item in working condition!! may require some tuning for optimum performance! TRYING TO KEEP THE HOBBY AFFORDABLE! NO RESERVE! LOW OPENING BIDS! REASONABLE SHIPPING! LET THE PHOTO BE YOUR GUIDE! winning bidder pays shipping. NO RETURNS ON THIS ITEM! THESE ARE USED TOY CARS! MAY HAVE SOME PLAY WEAR! ASK QUESTIONS!!!! will combine shipping with other wins within a reasonable time frame.