Vintage "U.S. SECRET SERVICE" Badge 1875-90

This is an excellent item even if it is a replica of the original. This is what the Secret Service' Badge looked liked from 1875 to 1890 when the Agency was relocated to Washington D.C. from New York City. At the time the Secret Service didn't protect The President as they do now. They just went after counterfeiter's and members of the KKK . The Pinkerton Agency was still in charge of protecting The President. It wasn't until 1894 that the Agency ( now a part of The Treasury Department ) started protected The President on a " part -time " basis.

This 7/8th's inch badge was replaced by the more modern Secret Service Star in 1895 . This badge is made out of pewter and has a dark blue center background. This badge, was produced in 1990 to commemorate the 100 year Event. The five points of the star are finely detailed with a ribbed design. Stamped on the back of the badge is the time frame this badge was used: " 1875-1890 " .

This unique piece of American History is new and in mint condition, and comes in a velvet lined presentation box.

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