Vintage Uhl Toledo tall industrial drafting stool

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Up today is a vintage drafting or shop stool by the Uhl Art Steel company out of Toledo Ohio, later known as the Toledo Steel Furniture Co. No Tags bear this mark but the traditional Uhl footbrace motif is in evidence. Believe it dates to the 20's.
is what I know: Stool was painted red when I found it. Red has been removed by hand to preserve the original factory finish which the Uhl Co. termed a japanese brass, which is shades of intermingled copper and black. (see fotos) Some red paint may remain and t but nothing that detracts from the overall look of the piece.
Plywood seat is not original. Normally a 3/8" plywood was used, this seat has around a three quarter inch top which looks as if it was replaced long ago, not by me. (see foto) Seat measures 12" in diameter and stands 29" from floor. Plywood surface has been lightly sanded and treated with an oil and wax finish.
Frame is of cold rolled steel with welded and riveted joints, all welds intact.
Three of the feet are good, one is missing, which often happens to these pieces due to the rocking motion of the user when leaning back on it. I could replace the foot, but prefer to leave it original for the buyer to do with as they will. (see foto, the foot on the left is the one missing) Stool does not sit level due to the
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