Rare Vintage Ultimate Soldier "Screaming Eagle" Exclusive WWII Paratrooper

This is the 21st Century Toys exclusive Ultimate Soldier figure. A US paratrooper of the 101st airborne of WWII. Long out of production. This is a loose figure. It is complete with all accessories as far as I can find from my research. It includes: Figure with unique war painted face, 101st airborne uniform, brown jump boots, gas detector arm band, helmet, gas mask bag, boot knife and sheath, bowie knife and sheath, wire clippers and pouch, pliers case, web belt and harness traps, shovel and carrier, canteen, 4 hand grenades, belt and harness worn first aid pouches, altimeter, binoculars, Hawkins mine, pistol and holster, .45 ammo pouch, grease gun, M1 carbine with folding stock, bazooka, 2 bazooka shells, .30 caliber machine gun and tripod, 2.30 cal. ammo belts, 2 ammo boxes. This is an amazing figure in very good shape. Only displayed, never played with. From a smoke free, pet free home. Please see all photos for condition.