Vintage Unobtanium Fairchild 627 Tube Equalizer (670)

Vintage Unobtanium Fairchild 627 Tube Equalizer The only tube EQ by FC, less than 5 known in the world
Up on the auction block: Vintage Tube 627 equalizer by Fairchild. Also known as the 627 "dynamic equalizer" or the 627 "variable equalizer".
This EQ is of the same era as the slightly-easier-to-find 540a cutting amp, with the black crinkle finish. It comes with a tube power supply that someone fashioned for it a very long time ago. Completely gone through by a notable LA technician, some caps replaced and things cleaned up. Low end shelving EQ, and high end peaking EQ similar in function to some of the early Hycor and cinema EQs, but completely different electronic implementation. It is not a passive design... and does not need additional make up gain. The circuit design is very unique, and does not drop the signal down and then selectively allow frequencies back up, say the way a Pultec would. Low end does sound tube, colored, very big sounding. Two different schematics (very hard to find) will be included as .pdfs to the winning buyer. UTC in / out transformers. Lumiten tube to show input level (this tube is not used for "dynamic" changes). Unit is completely functional and fully serviced. It is 19" wide for a standard rack and 6 rack spaces tall.
A unit like this was used to record at what later became Sigma
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