Hardware Memorabilia from Van Camp Hardware & Iron Company Indianapolis, Indiana.
Salesman's sample miniature handles in roll-up pouch circa Early 20th Century.

Each handle is an exact replica of the lifesize handles sold by the Van Camp company for over 70 years. Every detail in handle thickness, curvature, and grip is identical to the finished product. The right handle "for the job at hand".
When unrolled flat, dimensions are 12" x 13".
Protective fabric roll similar to what is used for fine silverware.
Holds 11 Miniature Axe, Sledge, and Hammer sample handles.
9 or the 11 still have the original Van Camp Hardware & Iron Co. label affixed.
3 models of "Rail Splitter Genuine Hickory" (one missing label)
1 model "Standard Genuine Hickory"
3 model "Van Camp Special Genuine Hickory"
2 model "Old Reliable Link Hickory"
2 model "Capitol Genuine Hickory"
Cortland Van Camp founded the company in Indianapolis in the late 1870's. The company became the largest hardware company in the state and expanded in the early 20th Century. Salesman were sent to cover the regions of Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Michigan, and west into Iowa and Missouri. The company provided a full line of hardware tools, goods, supplies and specialty services and remained a family owned business until
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