Vintage Ventriloquist Doll 'Bozo the Clown' by Larry Harmon & Eegee Marionette

Vintage Bozo the Clown Ventriloquist Dummy/Doll/Puppet by Larry Harmon Pictures & Eegee Marionette . This is a large ventriloquist doll appx. 31" tall. Body is cloth but head and hands are a hard rubber. Head swivels all the way around. There are a couple of dark marks on the forehead and some chipped/scuffed paint on the nose (see enlarged photo). The mouth will open with the string in the neck, but the closing function is not working. The clown suit is still brightly colored but has some white spots and holes in one leg (see last photo). There are a couple of small pale rust colored stains on the collar (see second photo). Has red rubber shoes, but I'm not sure they are original to this doll (don't seem big enough) Clothes are removable and still very colorful. Clearly marked as Larry Harmon Pictures Corp and Eegee Co. Pictures shown are photos of actual doll being sold.
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