This is a Vintage FULL Pack of " VERNON " LONG SIZE OVALS Cigarettes - Manufactured in USA
See Photo's - Pictures Mount Vernon in Virginia. EXCELLENT condition
This is quite a RARE pack of Cigarettes See Photo's
Note to Ebay; This is a full pack of Vintage Cigarettes , no longer manufactured for many many years, and is sold as a collectors items only
My family was in the Tobacco Business since 1906, and this pack is from my fathers 3,000+ pack collection.
– The value of the item is the collectible packaging, not the tobacco itself.
– The value of the packaging is higher than the current retail price of the tobacco in the package.
– While the package has never been opened, the tobacco inside is not for consumption.
– The collectible packaging is not currently available in stores.
– The buyer must be at least 18 years old. (As the seller, I'm responsible for making sure this rule is met.)
– Both the buyer and the seller are following all applicable laws and shipping regulations for this transaction.
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