Vintage Vibrant Blue Beaded Clip on Earrings CAT RESCUE

This is a gorgeous pair of vintage clip on earrings. These are a combination of plastic and what I think is glass so the weight is not too much. The color is quite vibrant and very pretty. These are about 1.4 inches long. They are in very good vintage condition. Please keep reading to find out how your bid will help homeless pets.....

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Whiskers Rescue Inc.

All the proceeds will go to Whiskers Rescue Inc. to help care for and neuter stray cats. We have neutered over 2000 stray cats to date but we desperately need your help to stop the pet over population problem. Below is Katrina. She has the common sad story of a bad owner who decided to leave her on the side of a busy highway rather then take responsibility for the cat they chose to take in. Katrina wandered around a feral colony very close to traffic for 6 months. She was so scared that she would not come near us or our trap. Finally she relented and we caught her. We had no idea Katrina was tame as she never showed any signs. In face she was so terrified that for 5 days she showed no signs. The day after her spay surgry Katrina decided it was time for us to meet the real her. She was all happy feet and purrs!!!! Clearly this little girl deserves
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