Vintage Victoria Magazine Lot 14 Issues: Winter 1987/1988; 1988 & 1989


Up for sale is a nice lot of 14 Victoria magazines. They are in generally good used vintage condition. The pages are intact. Most have some yellowing to them due to age. There are some spots on the spines (evident in pictures). Some of the issues have a slight rubbing off of the print on the front and back covers. The December 1988 issue is torn on the bottom of the spine (evident in pictures). Some of the covers have wear where the address label was removed (either there is a slight mark where it was removed, some of the print has ripped up, or some of the label is still present). Even so, these are nice issues with lots of great topics covered in each.

Includes one Winter 1987/1988 issue, which was Volume One, Number Two. Includes 5 issues from 1988 - a complete full year, as it was then only published bi-monthly in 1988. The issues from that year are as follows: Spring 1988 (Volume Two, Number One), Summer 1988 (Volume Two, Number Two), August 1988 (Volume Two, Number Three), October 1988 (Volume Two, Number Four), and December 1988 (Volume Two, Number Five). Includes 8 issues from 1989 - a complete full year, as part of 1989 were issued bi-monthly beginning with the February 1989 issue, and then starting with the August 1989 issue they started issuing them monthly. The issues
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