This CLASSIC VICTORIAN ROSE GOLD BANGLE BRACELET is an Art Deco/Art Nouveau Era Treasure made between 1895 and 1935 !

This Antique Treasure bears the "GLP CO" Maker's Mark (for Geo L. Paine Co .) stamped inside the bracelet (as shown in the pictures, and in the excerpt below)! is the "GLP Co." Maker's Mark , as displayed in the Keystone Publishing Company Jeweler's Index, 1922 edition ( In the early part of the 20th Century, the Keystone Publishing Company published an annual guide called The Jeweler's Index that referenced jewelry maker's marks and other reference material. The jewelry mark below is from the 1922 Edition ).

The bracelet is an Antique Art Deco Yellow Rose Gold Etched Bangle featuring elaborate patterned etchings around the front half of this gorgeous artifact, with a high polished finish on the back half. The soft pink Rose Gold color is sublime (and is found only in antique Rose Gold jewelry from the early 20th Century )!

The Antique Victorian Rose Gold Bangle is HALLMARKED "1/10" (rolled gold)! This bracelet has considerably more gold than most antique gold filled or rolled gold bangles (because the majority are 1/20 gold shell or less; this piece is 1/10)! Gold filled, rolled gold and gold filled bangles from the late 19th & early 20th c entury are considered to be comparable to today'

Additional information: Early Victorian (late 19th & early 20th Century) rolled gold and gold filled jewelry was extremely well made; these pieces will not peel, crack or fade like gold plate and are considered to be top quality antique jewelry . Gold filled, rolled gold, and gold shell pieces from this era were made to last a lifetime and are of excellent quality and timeless design.

This Antique Art Deco/Art Nouveau Rose Gold "GLP CO." Bangle is in Excellent Condition! T is NO wear to the Gold on the outer surface of the bracelet, or to the inside of the bangle. T are a couple of pin point tiny indentations on the back of the piece, but they are hard to see. T are no significant scratches, dings, or dents on this piece! This is an absolutely superior ROSE GOLD BANGLE from this period, it is heavy and very well made (I have an early 20th Century GLP CO Bangle in my own collection; it is one of my very favorite pieces)!

This gorgeous Antique Rose Gold Bangle weighs a full 23.7 Grams!!!

The Antique Rose Gold Bracelet has a tension hinge in good working order which opens and shuts properly. The push button clasp does not latch , but the tension created when the male end slides into the female end of the bracelet holds it closed firmly . A figure 8 clasp or safety chain could be added for additional security if desired.

The piece measures 12 mm in width all the way around the bracelet and 4 mm in thickness !

The inside diameter of the bracelet is a full 2.5 inches X 2.25 inches , and will fit a medium to large sized 6.5 to 7.25 inch wrist (so HARD to find in the Antique Rose Gold Bangles )!

This Classic Antique Victorian Rose Gold "GLP Co." Bangle Bracelet recalls the grace and elegance of the early 20th Century !

Perfect for a gift for a special woman in your life, or for your own collection (this piece would make an excellent heirloom )!

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