Vintage Victorian Floral Cotton Lace Curtains 5yard 215

Vintage Victorian Floral Cotton Lace Curtains 5yard 215

Welcome to Our Auction. Today, We are Presenting 100% Cotton Lace made from Something Old, Something New!

Today, we bring you Authentic Vintage 100% Cotton Nottingham Lace Curtain Panels, in Clean, Crisp Ecru, designed using Antique Victorian Floral pattern 215 on Antique Victorian Looms.

Lace was woven by the Scranton Lace Company, in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and they were in business from 1897 until they went out of business about ten years ago. When they went out of business, they had warehouses full of unsold lace. This lace is anyw between 15 and 25 years old.

They employed Master Craftsmen, who took pride in their work, and raised lace weaving to an art form, using beautiful Victorian Floral designs woven on their imported Antique Victorian looms.

The lace we have for you today is woven into an Antique Victorian Floral Pattern, and is for 5 full yards of 45" wide fabric. The lace is 100% medium to heavy weight Ecru 100% cotton, and is in new "on-the-bolt" condition, as in Vintage and never used.

This Lace is thick and full-bodied, and can be sewn using stabilizer paper on the back to help it run through your machine smoothly. The sides are factory-finished and will not require finishing or side seams.

The lace
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