Up for your consideration is a very detailed map of a certain part of Vietnam. Got this a while ago at a live estate auction of a former army officer who had been in Vietnam during the sixties. Map is plastic covered with red tape around the borders. Map measures about 24 by 15 1/2 inches and is highly detailed describing the area around the Baie De Touraine which I have been informed later became Da Nang/Monkey Mountain & the South China Sea--whether the beach was sand or rocky, fishing stakes & traps, how many feet uncovered during tides, etc..Map shows marshy areas, fine line topography & even what may be piers along the South China Sea. Map is two pieces taped together down the middle. The plastic is coming loose from the red tape around the edges in a few areas, but otherwise map is in excellent condition. I would assume a map with this much detail would be to plan a possible battle or incursion with. Plastic covered so grease pencilled plans of attack could be changed or wiped off. A neat find for the collector at a low opening bid with no reserve.