Time to start "downsizing" – I began the process five years ago, lost my resolve, but am back with a vengeance….100% committed now. After more than 50 years of collecting, I have run out of room and must start selling on eBay. It’s time to part with some of the cool treasures I have been hoarding since childhood. Lots of dolls, vintage toys, illustrated children’s books, dollhouse miniatures, architectural artifacts, ephemera, pottery, glassware, you name it…….I probably have it.

Vogue Ginny has been one of my collecting passions since I was 8 years old. Mom bought me my original dolls between 1952 and 1954. Years of buying – on eBay, at auctions, and flea markets – has greatly expanded the scope of this collection, but now I have decided to focus on just a few of my favorite periods and styles, so everything else must go. I also have some related Vogue-family items to sell, as well as a variety of other dolls that I had as a child.

I'm selling some more Ginny things this week; some are mine, some belong to friends of mine, sisters who collected many of the same outfits for their dolls.

Item Description and Condition – Up for auction is a 3-piece Tiny Miss outfit for Ginny. It is identified as #6144 in Izen Stover's chapter on 1956 dolls, but it has the script "Vogue Dolls Inc" tag used from 1957-63. The
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