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This is an original old vintage Wallace Nutting print. It appears to be hand signed by Wallace Nutting along with the title, Under The Sundial. The frame appears to be original to the print. It measures 12.75 by 16.75" including the frame. The print measures 6 by 9.5". It has aged gracefully. The print is in excellent condition with no visible defects. The matting is creamy and clean.

The glass has no defects. The bright dots in some of the photos are flash glare from an overhead light fixture. They are NOT a flaw in the print. The colors are soft yet vivid and rich.

It could be a rare collectable work of art. Then again, who knows? That is why it is up for auction on Ebay. Maybe someone can shed some light on this unique piece.

. Treat yourself. Life is short.

Pray for our Country and our brave Soldiers.