Vintage Waltham Germany Ballerina Wind Up Clock

Vintage Waltham Western Germany Ballerina Wind Up Clock.Clock has 2 windows, one window has clock and other window has Ballerina.One front has a music note and stop with a switch.It is made out of some type of white plastic. One Back bottom corner has small chip & upper corner small chip.Has screws hoding back in.Has knob that appears to be a wind Up music box.Another knob that adjusts hour & minute hand on clock, knob that adjusts 2nd hand.One knob that apparently winds clock up,and another slider that has negative & Postive.Unfortunately we can't get clock to work.Any of you that are good at repairing clocks could probably get it to work.Ballerina has one arm above her head,other arm only goes to her elbow area,don't think it is broke off I think it was made this way,because don't know how it would get out of clock and it is not laying in bottom.Clock weighs quite a bit for a small clock. Sold-as-is so please ask questions if needed! Thanks~