vintage warranted superior two man crosscut saw

DESCRIPTION Vintage Warranted Superior two man crosscut saw in excellent condition. This saw came from and estate clean out. It had been kept in the house for many years. T is some very minor surface rust in a couple small areas on the blade. I wiped off some with just my hand. The wood handles are solid and free of cracks and rot. Teeth are very sharp. The total length of the saw is 41 inches. The blade is 36 inches long and the straight handle is 14 inches long. The straight handle can be switched from its vertical position and installed so that it is in line with the blade. (see photo). I was unable to find a date on the saw but according to other listings of saws of this type this saw may be around 100 years old. It certainly looks older than a saw that had an early 1900 date on the button. On the upright handle on this saw t are three heavy iron bell-like pieces and the wood is attached to the metal adjustment screw with an iron peg.


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