Rare Vintage E. Warther Custom Carving Set! Unusual!

Offered for your consideration is a rare and unusual vintage carving set from E. Warther & Son. Warther knives are always incredibly beautiful and of the very highest quality. The handles are always gorgoeus and serve as a natural contrast to the beauty of the "engine turned" finish of the blades.

Warther carving sets in general, while outstanding pieces of functional art, are not all that rare or unusual. After all, anyone can order one of their current sets. However, this set has some unusual attributes and was made for famous musician John Ellison. "Mooney" Warther himself made sets for many dignitaries and celebrities and his family continues to do so. Ronald Reagan, Frank Lloyd Wright, Nelson Madela, Gerald Ford, and Condoleezza Rice are just a few notable owners of Warther knives. Several years ago I sold two sets nearly identical to this one that had been made for a late CBS personality/executive. One of the sets was puchased by a Warther family member for the museum.

Ernest Warther was widely regarded as one of the world's finest carvers. His ivory and wood carvings are highly sought after and treasured by those who own them. Warther skill and craftsmanship was legendary. He even carved a scale model of locomotive at a young age that was as finely detailed as you'll see. Warther began making knives in
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