Vintage Watt Pottery #73 COVERED SALAD BOWL - Apple

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Vintage Watt Pottery #73 COVERED SALAD BOWL - Apple

This lid has the three-leaf Apple decoration with two-tone leaves which was the only version ever featured in catalogs or ads! Two-leaf Apple w/single color on leaves was usually available at reduced cost.

Note: The cover only goes on a bowl with outside decoration, either apples or just a green band. *This bowl has the green band, and the complete 2-piece set is pictured on page 88 of the Watt Pottery (Revised 2nd Edition) A Collector's Reference with Price Guide by Dennis Thompson and W. Bryce Watt. It's valued at $200-225 .

The bowl has a 9 1/2" diameter & measures 4" h., and with cover on is 6" h.

The lid rim has a 10 1/2" diameter.

The base is marked: U.S.A. 73 OVEN WARE

VG COVER CONDITION: T is only one chip on the outside rim of the lid at 3 o'clock , and only a couple flakes on the inside rim of lid.

EXCELLENT BOWL CONDITION: The bowl is awesome with only two slight indentations on the rim which were done in the making and are glazed over.

Other than the usual pottery imperfections typical of Watt ware this Covered Salad Bowl SET is in wonderful overall condition. T is barely any crazing, no cracks, and no staining whatsoever!

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