Vintage 3-way Pioneer CS-R500 Floorstanding Speakers

Offered here is a good working, Vintage pair of Pioneer CS-R500 Floorstanding Speakers. These are very nice, Quality Built Speakers. They measure 24 1/8" tall X 13 3/4" wide X 12" front to back. These are 3 way speakers with a 10" Woofer, 5" Midrange, and Awsome Pioneer Tweeter. They have great sound that is difficult to duplicate in a smaller speaker.

These are very heavy, solid built speakers. They are 8 Ohm speakers with Midrange and Treble controls on the back.

These Speakers work perfectly and sound fantastic.

Cosmetically, the set is good but have a few issues. The silver dust caps on both midrange speakers are dented a bit. They still work and sound fine as the dust caps are only to prevent dust from entering the magnetic part of the speakers and to this end, they work fine. The black grill cloth is stained and needs to be replaced to look good. The cloth is stapled to a wood frame so replacing the cloth should be fairly easy. The lower, browntone cloth is better than the top but also shows some wear and you might want to replace it as well. The speaker pictured on the right has some cabinet damage due to the high humidity of Houston. You can see in the last two pictures where the back corners are separating. None of this amounts to anything that causes any problems with the sound. They sound terrific!!

These are very heavy speakers and that is reflected in the shipping cost.

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