I was so excited when I saw this in a box from an estate auction! I have one that I purchased in Germany, but this one has so much character. It's 7" to the tallest part. The paper backing inside is in excellent condition. It was hard to photograph. T's a fireplace with a roaring fire. A picture on the wall of a witch flying past the moon. An owl is perched on the mantle. A black cat is looking out and arching his back. It's in fragile but good condition. It has a witch on one side and two children on the other. On front porch area it says weatherman forcaster. On one side is fair weather and the other rain. It's working because the witch is out and it's raining on and off today. The bottom of the inside still needs cleaning. Great moose head between top windows. Paper torn on left side of moose. Thermometer isn't working. Paper fence in front has been reglued. Back gives instructions: To obtain useful weather forcasts place this Weatherman Weather Forecaster in any room on a perfectly level surface near a window or any dry airy place. Do not place outdoors. To regulate: Turn the little red square peg chimney on the roof slowly to the left and right until the little firgures swing freely in and out of the arched doorways. When both figures are lined up and centered in the doorways the Weatherman WEather Forecaster is regulated correctly. ... read more