Vintage Weeden 14 horizontal live steam engine

This is a vintage, Weeden 14horizontal steam engine. It is in very nice collectable condition. I test firedit and it ran great, both in forward and reverse. The original whistle and original safety valve both work well. This one also comes with a good (old) homemade alcohol burner. I put new seals in the site glass along with a new site glass. I also put a new drive band on the governor. Please view all the pictures. What you see is what you get. Thanks for viewing the engine and good luck bidding.

It was made in United Sates and they started making this model around 1930.

I ship on Monday mornings as soon as the Post Office opens, so please make payments by Sunday afternoon. I take great care in packing my machines so they will not get damaged in shipping. Since they are pre-packed, I cannot combine engines. If you get two small engines, I can tape them together and ship as one. That however, may make it an oversized box and in the long run end up costing the buyer more. The post office has lost or destroyed three of my items since Christmas, causing me considerable loss. Because of this I now have to require insurance on all orders. I try to keep shipping at a minimal for you. But this cannot be avoided.

Thank you for understanding.


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