Vintage West German Pottery Jugvase - Roth Keramik 3038

Vintage West German Pottery Jugvase - Roth Keramik 3038
More vintage WGP for you now in the form of this double handled jugvase, my second of three from the very collectable Roth Keramik
Measuring approximately 19.5cm in height this piece is very raw and rustic in its decoration. Often referred to as 'Fat Lava' this jugvase had a variegated brown subglaze that has had a thick volcanic lava glaze applied to it. The colours and taxtures created by this process are so wonderfully random. The colour varies from the very light orange/yellow tones to very dark brown. The craters of the lava glaze varying from pinprick to some that are 2-3mm wide. The lava extends to the unusual double handle, the interior is of orange/pink tones.
The piece is press marked to the base with the form number and origin, as per the additional image.
The piece is in excellent overall condition
Perhaps one for the purist collector, this vase is a good example of how diverse WGP can be. Not particularly colourful but then there is far more to a pot than colour, it is tactile and thoroughly down to earth. Suffice to say it is another extremely uncommon example to be found in the UK and, by its glazing nature, unique.
Better known these days for their very commercial 70's 'space age' series, I still have one
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