Vintage West German Pottery Vase - Scheurich 517-30 - LORA

~ WGP FEST #7 ~
Vintage West German Pottery Vase - Scheurich 517-30 - LORA
I sold a smaller example of this Scheurich decor LORA earlier this month and was asked if I could source a larger piece .... so here it is, my star buy.
Measuring approximately 30cm in height and a shoulder girth of 45cm this superb piece is decorated to a very dark brown subglaze with a thick white lava glaze of medium bubble form. In addition to this, the vase has a series of vertically faceted streaks, highlighted in a vibrant hi-gloss red, that contrasts wonderfully with the mottled lava glaze and has itself leaked onto the white and brown finish. The form is verging on baluster in shape with wide shoulders and a tapering neck and rim section.
The vase is press marked to the base with the form number and origin, as per the additional image.
The piece is in mint condition
This elegant form vase has been brought to life with an imaginative and very decorative glazing combination. Particularly uncommon in this larger form, this is a highly desirable piece sought by interior designers and collectors alike. I know this will be immensely popular so I will start it at my usual price and let you decide where it goes.
Judging by the demand for my pieces over the last few weeks, WGP is as popular today as it has
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