A uction D escription

Up for your consideration is a pair of large and bold Vintage Buffalo Bison Bookends. Such items are indeed becoming harder and harder to acquire, so this would be a great acquisition for the collector of Wild Western Americana .

These lovely pieces are made of solid brass and are in excellent condition, with the only fault to mention being the missing felt bottoms. Each piece features a large, golden, fully figural buffalo atop a large, rectangular, brass base. The horns on the animals are nice and sharp, and the brass still gleams brightly, even after all these years.

The American bison, or buffalo, is the largest and one of the most majestic land dwellers in North America. Nearly hunted to extinction in the 1800s, these beasts are slowly making a triumph comeback. Hopefully, they'll be around for many more years so that future generations can grow to appreciate them, just as bookend collectors can appreciate these beautiful pieces.

The maker of this set remains unknown, as they are unsigned, and the actual age is also a mystery, although they are vintage. Each piece stands at 6 ¼" Tall, 5" Wide, and 3" Deep and weighs 3 lbs.

Take a look at the actual photos below to see what is being offered. These could be ideal for the Collector and Bookend Enthusiast. Please
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