Vintage WHISKEY 2 Gallon Crock Old LABEL Baetzhold & Sons Buffalo NY Antique OLD

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A Real Nice Vintage Aug. Baetzhold & Sons Whiskey Crock .

The crock is 12 1/2'' tall X 9'' in Diameter & weights 12 lbs.

The crock shows some honest wear & age It has a few small chips rims. the largest chip is on the handle as shown. An odd place for a chip.

The 2 gallon size is of course even more rare.

To insure a safe shipment the crock will be shipped by Priority Mail. It is of course more expensive but safer. (And unknown to 99.7% of buyers ebay in their infinite wisdom & disdain for sellers are going to charge me a 10% fee of what you pay for shipping. If you pay $20.00 for shipping & it cost me $22.00 to ship I am out 4 bucks.)

Refer to Images for further details. I have included the maximum number of photos.


I n September 1987 I retired from the U. S. Army and life has been good. Damn good. And I have a blast selling on ebay as a hobby, although Uncle Sam gets a fair chunk off it.