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VINTAGE WHITE BROOCH MILK GLASS PLASTIC HASKELL? Vintage Brooch. Crisp white plastic, milk glass, or celluloid layered star burst pin or brooch. 20 white teardrop pieces surround a large and solid center cabochon shaped piece.
Two layered, 20 tear drop shaped stones or plastic, celluloid makes up this gorgeous white flower shaped vintage brooch.
Large cabochon shaped piece at center sits in a raised and thin gold metal bezel with 4 prongs to reinforce.
Tear drop pieces emanate from the center piece. 2 layers of teardrop pieces: 10 surround the center piece bezel,10 float and are set in between each of the top row of molded teardrops.
See images of the back. All are reinforced into teardrop shaped, gold metal bezels with tiny bezel like screw holes and in 2 layers. Even the gold metal back has a star burst shape.
More than well made, fine jewelry brooch. First layer of white tear drops (10) soldered or molded to bottom part of large center piece gold bezel. Then reinforced underneath with the metal bar and bezel connected to a gold metal circular "wheel" at back.
Second layer of 10 tear drops just has metal bars and bezels set into the back circular "wheel" as all one piece. Hard to describe so hope images tell all.
Brooch closes with long gold metal pin
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