Vintage White Trunk Co., Steamer Trunk

This old trunk has seen better days.

Over the years someone has destroyed the tray that fit in the top of the trunk.

At another time the leather straps that made the handles on the ends have either rotted

off or just dried out and broke off,

They are still inside the trunk though.

Oh, yes... and of course the key to the trunk has been lost too.

:>) :>) :>) :>) :>) :>) :>) :>) :>) :>) :>) :>') ;>)

Now that all the bad stuff is out of the way we can get on with business.

This trunk was made by The White Trunk Co..

I'm not sure w in the United States it was made, but, deffinately by White Trunk.

For it's age the trunk is very solid! It has the heavy duty corner brackets.

The 2 buckle type latches on the front work nicely.

As stated above the tray is missing, but, the rest of the inside is original papering.

Yes t are some stains of some sort in the trunk paper on the bottom of the trunk.

T are no major dents, no broken slats/boards. Outside of the trunk is painted black.

The trunk measures: 23 inches tall, 21 1/2 inches deep and 35 inches long.