Vintage Willmer Special Apple Pipe*BIG*BIRDSEYE GALORE!

Hey guys, Yet another pipe for you lovers of the classic English pipes. Here we have a Vintage Willmer Special Apple Pipe. This unsung British pipe maker has goten a lot of attention lately. The company was started by a family who left the Charatan company to begin making pipes of their own. Over the years, they only had a couple of U.S. distributors, who didn't do a good job of getting the word out about these great pipes. In their later years, Willmer moved to lucite stems rather than their hand-cut or hand-finished Vulcanite stems--I guess because that was cheaper. This is an old one, made of comfortable vulcanite. Willmer pipes are known for their Straight Grain pipes--the AAA and AAAA are hard to find and big and beautiful. It appears to me that the "Special" in this pipe is that it is completely covered in Birdseye and Cross grain. Take a look at the pictures and salivate, all you birdseye lovers! I think the coloring of this pipe is also pretty extraordinary. You can't hide flaws in the light stain, so you don't see a lot of makers use it, but it's absolutely beautiful! And the shape makes it oh so satisfying to hold in your hand. WIDE OPEN DRAW and PASSES THE CLEANER TEST as well! This pipe is also a good size for an English Apple. A Dunhill Group 5 in comparison.
STATS: Length: 6" Bowl Height: 1.66" Bowl Interior Width:
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