Vintage Wind-Up DIPPY DUMPER Tin Toy Truck USA

•• Dippy Dumper •• This is a wind-up tin toy called "Dippy Dumper". It says patents pending, made in USA on the back, and those are the only markings I can find. The dump truck is done in red, white and blue, with a gray bin. You wind it up with the large attached key and it's fun to watch: the truck goes forward, backward, dumps its load, lurches left, then right, goes in circles and so on. The steering wheel has two tiny cut outs, and t are a couple of small pointy pieces on the floor--I'm wondering if t wasn't a driver originally attached to this truck. So the toy may be missing the driver. The truck is about 4 1/2" tall, about 9" long and about 3" wide. Condition is good. T may have been a driver originally, as t are two tiny cut outs in the tin steering wheel and pointy areas w someone might have once stood. The toy winds easily and really goes through its paces in turning this way and that. T are numerous scrapes to the white paint on the wheels and steering wheel, small rusty places, a few dents and t to the blue body and the white windshield bars are a little dented as well. The hood has an obvious large faded area to the top and side, discoloration to the underside, small scratches scattered around the toy and t is also a thumb sized whitish area to the left blue running board. The gray dumping bin has the same small rusty ... read more