Vintage Wired Beige ATX Computer Case Mid Tower NEW in Box with Power Supply

It does not get one ounce more late '90s than this.
If you want to re-live the time when Google was just another silly site, and your computer was just about done screaming at you every time you went to "surf" the "information superhighway"...
Well, this is your case.
You won't be building any monster gaming PC in this thing, but that's not what it's for.
Break out that old Pentium III and have a blast. Don't let it collect dust in the corner anymore! Bring Windows 95 back for another go-round, or just build a simple machine for daily use.
From the swoopy transparent blue trim on the front, to the "afterthought" USB ports that are actually conveniently located, this just loathes the modern era.
A power supply is fitted, but I'm not giving you the specifications because I don't encourage using an old, cheap power supply. New units are MUCH safer. Don't be using the stuff that comes with cases like this.
Stick something modern in there.
As you can see, the case is well-wired for connection. It's actually pretty well done. As for cable management for clean builds... Well, I could make it slick in there, but you aren't me. Odds are you'll never match my wiring-fu, so count on having to work at a clean build.
It's kind of hard to beat this thing if you just want to have some good, old-fashioned fun.
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